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Ningbo Yuyi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

         Ningbo Yuyi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the manufacturing base of CNC sloting machine and automatic lathe in Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province - Cixi and Yuyao at the junction of the company from 2008 to 2011 processing automatic and semi-automatic machinery and equipment parts, the establishment of mechanical CNC industry in 2012 has been committed to the transformation of machinery and assembly process. Independent research and development of a variety of CNC machine tools, five-axis spiral milling machine, four-axis slotting machine, three-axis slotting machine, four-axis single-side milling, suitable for auto parts, injection molding machine parts, pile driver......

The company introduces perfect technology, strict management and perfect quality assurance, to provide you with excellent products and services and is willing to work with you for a long term long-term cooperation and common development.
Strict quality inspection

With 12 years of production experience, strict management and exquisite processing make the product quality reach the domestic advanced level.
Professional production process

With a professional team and design personnel to ensure the quality of products Large-scale factories and honest businesses are your trustworthy products
Professional production equipment
Professional production equipment, in strict accordance with the standard production to ensure product quality
Complete after-sales service
Professional after-sales service team To provide customers with professional, convenient, high-quality intimate service
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About Yuyi
Yuyi CNC has been established for many years to improve the mechanical processing and assembly process, independent research and development of a variety of automatic and semi-automatic mechanical equipment......
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